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Listing your items for sale is free and easy to do.
When your item sells, we deduct selling and transaction fees from the final selling price, and you keep the rest.
You Keep
-$.55 Payment Processing & ACH Deposit Fees
15% Selling Fee (non-members)
2.9% + $0.30 Payment Processing Fee
+ $0.25 per ACH Payout
= 18.4% + $0.55 Total Fees*

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Qualify for discounted selling fees as low as 10%, and unlock advanced selling features such as:

  • Live Chat
  • Discount Coupons
  • Preferred Vendor Promotions
  • Wholesale Accounts Management
  • Bulk Product Listing Importer
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Why You Should Sell On LIFC MarketPlace?

Built For Food & Beverage Sales

Created by food & beverage industry experts, our marketplace features are designed specifically to make selling food & beverage items seamless.

5-Star Buyer Community & Free Marketing

Millions of high-quality prospective buyers from all over the country search for local foods & unique beverages on LIFC MarketPlace.

Secure Transactions & Easy Shipping

You can feel confident selling on a trusted platform with hassle-free shipping options.

LIFC Marketplace

Food & Beverage Community Support

Our team of experts is ready and available to help you make a sale.

Top Marketplace Selling Tips

Post Beautiful Photos & Descriptions

Products need to have eye-catching photos and descriptive content that informs and excites buyers.


Price Your Products Competitively

Search the site for similar items and make sure yours are priced to sell

LIFC Marketplace service and support

Provide Excellent Customer Support

Like all other selling platforms, it’s the service you provide that matters most

How Payment Works

LIFC MarketPlace initiates your payout as soon as we get confirmation that the item has been processed and a shipping label has been created.

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