If anyone ever tells you smart snacking and indulging can’t happen together, tell them to check out High&Miri.

Lauren Rubin
Lauren RubinOwner, High&Miri LLC

High&Miri is a family-owned and operated company located on Long Island in New York. Lauren Rubin’s health conscious family wanted people to have an easier time finding snacks and desserts that were both delicious and low-carb. Out of necessity, they started making their own healthy snacks. Soon after, their friends and family began requesting their various roasted nuts for holiday dinners and parties. Thanks to this maker’s hard work and determination, you can now share these delicious and healthy nuts with your own family and friends.

High&Miri wants their customers to indulge in a decadent snack while staying true to their diets. That is why they do not add any sugar to their products. Alternatively, they use Non-GMO all-natural monk fruit for its unique benefits.

According to High&Miri, “Monkfruit is not sweet due to natural sugars like most fruits. It contains powerful antioxidants called mogrosides, which are metabolized differently by the body than natural sugars. That’s why, despite their very sweet taste, these fruits contain no calories and have no effect on blood sugar.

They do have many customers who are diabetic and rely on High&Miri for a delicious and safe snack. Still, since sensitivities vary, they recommend diabetics always speak to their doctor and monitor their levels the first time they enjoy their products.

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Full of taste and free of guilt.

In addition to no added sugars, High&Miri products are keto and paleo-friendly and vegan. With options like coconut roasted almonds or cashews and cinnamon roasted pecans, you get a guilt-free dose of protein and healthy fats. So, satiate your sweet tooth’s nutty cravings, and as High&Miri says, “Eat healthy. Enjoy.

When you purchase High&Miri products through the LIFC Marketplace you are also supporting local food manufacturing and small business on Long Island!

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